HRMOA Careers Night

HRMOA Careers Night!

With applications for jobs next year year creeping up on all of us HRMOA careers night is a great way to get any of your last minute questions about your chosen specialty answered, OR get a feel for different specialties if you’re not quite set on one yet 😀
Speakers from different specialties will talk about what their job entails AND how to get there.

So things like what courses to do, whether research is a big deal, the interview and application process, exams, whether you have to do rural secondments and how many and of course you can ask the speakers any questions you might have.

Date: Tuesday May 3rd
Time: 5.30pm
Place: RNC lecture theatre
Cost: free
Food: light dinner provided
Specialties covered: paeds, O+G, BPT, crit care, ED, ortho, psych, gen surg

If you’re keen to come shoot Sesh an email at