NSW MoH — The new Jeremy Hunt?

Calling all JMOs, RMOs and Registrars…

Every year our union (ASMOF) fight for improvements to our award… Of course this includes incremental increases to our wages accordingly to what is supposed to equal that of the rate of inflation — currently at 2.5%.

This year at the negotiating table, the NSW Ministry of Health are trying to change a number of parts that already exist within our award, notably (as per ASMOF):

  1. Make us work shifts of up to 12 hours (paid at ordinary rates) before overtime can be paid. Currently we get paid overtime after 10 hours.
  2. Reduce the minimum call-back from four hours to three hours,
  3. Remove ADOs,
  4. Remove Higher Duties Allowance, and
  5. Remove the additional increment which applies to rural secondments/rotations.

In addition the MoH has rejected a number of key claims, including:

  1. A revised definition of registrar to have it apply to the job actually done, rather than artificially classified according to Post Graduate Year
  2. Remote On-call/ Call-back.
  3. Mandatory breaks between Shifts.
  4. Study Leave, and
  5. Improvements to ADOs.

How can we change this?

  1. Become an ASMOF member. Currently the rates of JMOs who are ASMOF members are low, which then can result in the decreased bargaining power of our Union.
    Some people think that the fact that your mate is a member doesn’t mean that you have to be – herd immunity. Think vaccinations. We all know that herd immunity is a fantastic thing, however we want those vaccination rates to be as close to 100% as possible to protect those who cannot get vaccinations, and those who may not have developed the post vaccination immunity.
  2. Voice your concerns to the ministry. Let them hear your voice. Send them emails. Send them letters.
  3. Voice your concerns to ASMOF and ask how can we help?
  4. Tell other JMOs/RMOs/Registrars about these changes and how it will affect ALL of us.
  5. Come to the ASMOF forum at JHH; Friday 3rd June at JHH small lecture theatre (near library) either at 1-2pm or 5-6pm (FREE light meal provided)

Don’t let them change our award for the worse. Give ASMOF your vote so that they have the power to help you.

See you there!