The archaic JMO Award

We were fortunate to be visited by the CEO of ASMOF at John Hunter Hospital yesterday. In his presentation he outlined the JMO award, and explained how it has not been changed in over 20 years!

This year, as always, the government is looking at an incremental wage increase of 2.5%, which is apparently slightly greater than current predicted inflation for 2016. However, when ASMOF asked for some positive changes to be made to our award, the Ministry of Health countered with an offer of either a cut into our 2.5% pay increase, or a list of negative outcomes such as changes to overtime definition, registrar definition, ADOs, and the list goes on…

So what do we need to do?

We need to inform our colleagues of the changes the Ministry of Health is looking at with regards to our award – a list of changes that will most certainly be for the negative. We also need to ensure that our colleagues realise that this affects all doctors-in-training [DIT] (JMO – registrar!).

We need to encourage our colleagues to become members of the AMA / ASMOF alliance to give them a louder voice in representation for our issues. It’s hard to shout loudly if you only have a few people standing behind you.

We need to keep this momentum going, and this issue needs to be in the front of each DITs mind as the year presses on.

What are the proposed changes?

ASMOF has created an amazing summary of the current proposed changes / issues, and the document is downloadable from their website, and is also attached to this post.

When will this all happen?

The deadline for 2016-2017 financial year’s changes is the 30th of June. As such, it’s unlikely that there will be any time for positive change this year – you could yet surprise me Jillian Skinner. But of course, a 2.5% increase is welcome, yet is only a touch short-sighted. We want positive changes that are going to be valuable for years to come. These changes do of course need to be sustainable to the health system we currently work in, and not unreasonable. Ultimately we want to aim for conditions that indirectly improve patient safety. Anything that improves working conditions for DITs is a step in the right direction.

Get involved, get informed, it’s time for positive change.

ASMOF document: ASMOF Award changes summary – 2016

Award transparent

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