HRMOA Olympia: End of Term Drinks

Finally our time to shine is almost upon us. Years of training, all those extra hours of work to make sure we are a peak physical condition in order to go for gold. As Term 2 draws to a close and the Rio Olympics edge tantalisingly closer HRMOA is hosting the unofficial opening ceremony at the Crown and Anchor.

The hosts has assured us that the WHO has cleared them as a safe haven clear of Zika virus, making the decision easy for those athletes who previously held reservations about attending. The athletes village is said to have an open bar throughout the event, with plenty of food supplied as well to fuel us all throughout competition.

With the participation of the entire Russian team uncertain due to the recent doping scandal many of their favourite events are suddenly wide open. James Pearlman rockets into contention in the gymnastics all around competition as well as his favoured discipline – the pommel horse. Meanwhile, Seshika Rattwate’s prospects in the hammer thrown have been notably boosted.

Unfortunately budget restrictions forced upon the IOC have meant that the regular cost of attendance has not been waived and remain at $5 for HRMOA members and $30 for non-members.

It is important to recognise the importance of not only those competing for medals, but the inclusion of all athletes from all nations from all over the globe. In the Olympic spirit, please ensure you encourage participation from all colleagues, from all disciplines. This is an opportunity for you all to soak up the atmosphere of the Olympic games, represent your nation and sport of choice and prime the mind and body to perform to your best


Where: Crown and Anchor Hotel
When: Friday June 24th, from 7pm
How much: $5 members, $30 non-members food and drink inclusive
Theme: Olympics (Penalty for no theme)