AMA Mentoring Program


The AMA has been running a mentoring program for years now, bringing interns together with experienced doctors to help them navigate this crazy career we’ve all chosen. You will find that mentors are an essential asset in your job and life, and to get involved as a protege at this early stage in your career is a great idea. The crazy thing is, this program is undersubscribed by interns! That means there are a bunch of experienced, knowledgeable, motivated, well-connected senior doctors who are SO KEEN to find an intern friend to shepherd through the difficult early years of their career and they don’t have anyone to do that for!

This program is currently just open to 2016 interns. You guys, don’t waste this opportunity! Sign up!!! More info below from the AMA website:
The AMA / ASMOF Alliance Mentoring Program is designed to provide a structured and supportive relationship that brings interns and experienced doctors together.

The program aims to advance interns’ chances of success by helping them to set and attain goals, expand their professional network, bolster their confidence and provide them with a sounding board for questions and concerns.

There are limited number of places. Successful applicants will be selected by a panel of senior AMA / ASMOF Alliance representatives. Applicants will be contacted in March 2016.

Who can apply?

Applicants must be:

  • A current member of the AMA / ASMOF Alliance for the duration of the Mentoring Program;
  • Proactive and committed to the Mentoring Program for the duration of the Mentoring Program;
  • A NSW intern in 2016.

How to apply

Go to and follow the link to apply