HRMOA Final EOTD for 2016/2017

The end is upon us!

With the end of a clinical year comes one final End of Term Drinks blowout. For residents, it’s a return to where it all began, at Queen’s Wharf Brewery in Honeysuckle. No doubt we are in for a glorious evening upstairs on the deck, basking in the late evening sun and enjoying a chuckle with mates.

A bittersweet affair for those departing residents who are heading off to poorly perceived greener pastures (jerks). Most importantly it’s an opportunity for us to collectively make a series of poor decisions, before we graduate into positions of actual responsibility, sort of. Renee Duvenage has promised all sorts of carnage on her behalf and has gone as far as booking a 1 hour slot with Dianne Drelincourt on Saturday morning.

Current interns can celebrate an entire litigation free year in the medical profession and the fact they are no longer at the bottom of the food chain (even though they still are). They can also celebrate no longer being ward bitches (even though they still are). Some are revelling in the realisation they never have to do another surgical term in their lives, some still surrounded by depictions of potential 7-way swaps plastered on their walls.

The new baby interns will be at maximal froth, full of a mixture of dread and excitement at the end of their buddy week. One of them will certainly be looking to drown their sorrows after an anxiety provoking week with Amanda Paterson. Regardless, this is the perfect chance for you to celebrate the start of your working careers and generate enough dustiness to last into the first day of proper work on Monday morning.

Friday 3rd February from 7 pm (get in early, or you’ll miss out on the fun)
The Brewery, Queens Wharf, Newcastle
Same deal as usual, $5 for members (baby interns – sign up during orientation) and $30 for non-members.
Open bar all night, plenty of food.
Everyone welcome… doctors, allied health or other.

Be there