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HRMOA Committee

Run by junior doctors, for junior doctors.

President: Dr Jane Kelly

Vice President: Dr Emma Cummings

Secretary: Dr Emma Cummings

Treasurer: Dr Laura Barker

Social Officer: Dr Chloe Mackenzie and Dr Phoebe Lewis

Education Officer: Dr Anne-Marie Aubin

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander officer: Dr Callan Gibbs

Sports Officers: Dr Patrick Schwager

Wellbeing Officers: Dr Cora Sheridan

Provisions Officers: Dr Juliet Archibald

IT/Communications Officers: Dr. Benjamin Yew

Sponsorship Officers: Dr. Ali Kowthar

Environment & Sustainability Officers:
Dr. Lily Fitzpatrick

Need to say goodbye?

Moved district?

Stopped feeling the love?

Eaten too much pizza?!

We get it… Life goes on.

Contact with your request
Before you leave us, can you please tell us why you have chosen to opt-out of the HRMOA?

Fill out this document and send/fax it to the address at the bottom

We’re sad to see you go!

Always here if you need us.

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