HRMOA 2020 Committee

President: Dr Molly Fowler (
Vice President: Dr Bridget Hone (
Secretary: Dr Stephanie Hopkins (
Treasurer: Dr Bhavi Ravindran (
Social Officer: Dr Katie Wilson (
Education Officer: Dr Hannah Morris (
Charity Officer: Dr Allie McGarity (
Sports Officers: Dr Brett Scott and Dr Joe Carey (
Wellbeing Officer
s: Dr Reshma Roy, Dr Annis McTigue and Dr Rose Khosh (
Provisions Officer: Dr Ellie McEwen (
IT/Communications Officer: Dr Beck Spring (
Sponsorship Officer: Dr Molly Fowler (

Environment and Sustainability Officer: Dr Sam Cone



If you want to join the HRMOA, simply print this form below and scan and email to, or pass it along to one of our friendly committee members.


Click for PDF printable version.

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Contact with your request
Before you leave us, can you please tell us why you have chosen to opt-out of the HRMOA?

Fill out the document from the link below and send/fax it to the address at the bottom and your payments to HRMOA will stop.

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