HRMOA Charity Golf Day

Whether you be a regular Rory McIlroy, or five time Australian Open Winner Karrie Webb, it’s time to brush off the dust and turf from the rusty golf clubs and get out onto the fairway.

HRMOA presents its annual charity golf day, with all proceeds raised from the day donated to Newcastle Headspace. We know 9 holes of golf can be very thirsty work, so afterwards come and have a drink and bite to eat at the clubhouse – it’s on us!

Non-golfers welcome to join for food and drinks at 6pm!

When: First Tee Off: 2pm, Sunday 23rd October | OR | 6pm for Food and drinks only
Where: Newcastle Golf Club (4 Verdon Road, Fern Bay)
Tickets: $35 for golf and food | OR | $15 for just the food

Buy tickets here:

Questions? Comments? 

HRMOA charity committee- Ellen, Tasha and Chinky: or 0411843263 (Chinky)

AMA Mentoring Program


The AMA has been running a mentoring program for years now, bringing interns together with experienced doctors to help them navigate this crazy career we’ve all chosen. You will find that mentors are an essential asset in your job and life, and to get involved as a protege at this early stage in your career is a great idea. The crazy thing is, this program is undersubscribed by interns! That means there are a bunch of experienced, knowledgeable, motivated, well-connected senior doctors who are SO KEEN to find an intern friend to shepherd through the difficult early years of their career and they don’t have anyone to do that for!

This program is currently just open to 2016 interns. You guys, don’t waste this opportunity! Sign up!!! More info below from the AMA website:
The AMA / ASMOF Alliance Mentoring Program is designed to provide a structured and supportive relationship that brings interns and experienced doctors together.

The program aims to advance interns’ chances of success by helping them to set and attain goals, expand their professional network, bolster their confidence and provide them with a sounding board for questions and concerns.

There are limited number of places. Successful applicants will be selected by a panel of senior AMA / ASMOF Alliance representatives. Applicants will be contacted in March 2016.

Who can apply?

Applicants must be:

  • A current member of the AMA / ASMOF Alliance for the duration of the Mentoring Program;
  • Proactive and committed to the Mentoring Program for the duration of the Mentoring Program;
  • A NSW intern in 2016.

How to apply

Go to and follow the link to apply


HRMOA Olympia: End of Term Drinks

Finally our time to shine is almost upon us. Years of training, all those extra hours of work to make sure we are a peak physical condition in order to go for gold. As Term 2 draws to a close and the Rio Olympics edge tantalisingly closer HRMOA is hosting the unofficial opening ceremony at the Crown and Anchor.

The hosts has assured us that the WHO has cleared them as a safe haven clear of Zika virus, making the decision easy for those athletes who previously held reservations about attending. The athletes village is said to have an open bar throughout the event, with plenty of food supplied as well to fuel us all throughout competition.

With the participation of the entire Russian team uncertain due to the recent doping scandal many of their favourite events are suddenly wide open. James Pearlman rockets into contention in the gymnastics all around competition as well as his favoured discipline – the pommel horse. Meanwhile, Seshika Rattwate’s prospects in the hammer thrown have been notably boosted.

Unfortunately budget restrictions forced upon the IOC have meant that the regular cost of attendance has not been waived and remain at $5 for HRMOA members and $30 for non-members.

It is important to recognise the importance of not only those competing for medals, but the inclusion of all athletes from all nations from all over the globe. In the Olympic spirit, please ensure you encourage participation from all colleagues, from all disciplines. This is an opportunity for you all to soak up the atmosphere of the Olympic games, represent your nation and sport of choice and prime the mind and body to perform to your best


Where: Crown and Anchor Hotel
When: Friday June 24th, from 7pm
How much: $5 members, $30 non-members food and drink inclusive
Theme: Olympics (Penalty for no theme)



The archaic JMO Award

We were fortunate to be visited by the CEO of ASMOF at John Hunter Hospital yesterday. In his presentation he outlined the JMO award, and explained how it has not been changed in over 20 years!

This year, as always, the government is looking at an incremental wage increase of 2.5%, which is apparently slightly greater than current predicted inflation for 2016. However, when ASMOF asked for some positive changes to be made to our award, the Ministry of Health countered with an offer of either a cut into our 2.5% pay increase, or a list of negative outcomes such as changes to overtime definition, registrar definition, ADOs, and the list goes on…

So what do we need to do?

We need to inform our colleagues of the changes the Ministry of Health is looking at with regards to our award – a list of changes that will most certainly be for the negative. We also need to ensure that our colleagues realise that this affects all doctors-in-training [DIT] (JMO – registrar!).

We need to encourage our colleagues to become members of the AMA / ASMOF alliance to give them a louder voice in representation for our issues. It’s hard to shout loudly if you only have a few people standing behind you.

We need to keep this momentum going, and this issue needs to be in the front of each DITs mind as the year presses on.

What are the proposed changes?

ASMOF has created an amazing summary of the current proposed changes / issues, and the document is downloadable from their website, and is also attached to this post.

When will this all happen?

The deadline for 2016-2017 financial year’s changes is the 30th of June. As such, it’s unlikely that there will be any time for positive change this year – you could yet surprise me Jillian Skinner. But of course, a 2.5% increase is welcome, yet is only a touch short-sighted. We want positive changes that are going to be valuable for years to come. These changes do of course need to be sustainable to the health system we currently work in, and not unreasonable. Ultimately we want to aim for conditions that indirectly improve patient safety. Anything that improves working conditions for DITs is a step in the right direction.

Get involved, get informed, it’s time for positive change.

ASMOF document: ASMOF Award changes summary – 2016

Award transparent