HETI – JMO Forum

HETIThe Junior Medical Officer (JMO) Forum is an advisory subcommittee of the NSW
Prevocational Training Council (PvTC) composed of elected representatives of (PGY1) interns and (PGY2) residents in each of the prevocational training networks.

The purpose of the forum is to allow NSW Prevocational Trainees to meet and discuss issues relevant to prevocational supervision and training, recruitment, accreditation, workforce allocation and welfare.

Our 2016 Network representatives are:


Dr Jeff   Mahoney (PGY1)

12 John   Hunter Hospital Jeffrey.Mahoney@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au
Dr   Michael Davidson(PGY2) 12 John   Hunter Hospital


Go to the HETI website and check out the publications and all of the other information available on their website.